Player: Ninninjak
SEX: Male
Age: 26
Titles: Baron , Dark Knight
Race: Human
Level: 26
Eye Color: Black
Hair: Blue Dyed
Skin Tone: Pale
Height: 6'5
Weight: 255lbs
Guild/Faction: Merchant Guild
Rank: Chairman

Diamond 2

Gold 60



Main Focus:


Helmet Slot
Armor Slot
Richard's Suit
Gauntlet Slot
Richard's Silk Gloves
Boot Slot
Richard's Black Shoes
Weapon Slot
LeNoir's Rapier
Off Hand Slot
Necklace Slot
Silver Heart Pendant
Earring Slot
Earring Slot
Ring Slot
LeNoir's Crest Ring
Ring Slot
Silver Ring (Left Ring Finger)
Magic Skills:

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Born in a Wealthy family, Richard was raised to become the heir of his father wealth and business. He was well known for being in a cotton business. By owning a rather large chunk of land this has helped them expand. His hobby was sword fighthing, hiring the best trainer around Richard was taught the way of the sword. This helped fight off countless assasination attempts at a young age. Later in his life his father died from an unknown disease that was not curable back in the time when Richard was only 16.  Soon after his mother would be killed during a raid at a Merchant meeting. Grieved from the death of his two parents, he searched for the only way to bring his parents back...Necromancy. Having the knowledge and ressource he was soon able to learn this dark art from a shaddy necromancer without anyone knowing such thing. He would then ask a enchanter to enchant his suit so that he could mask his necromantic power from the general public. Learning that necromancy only brought back the corpse and not the soul of his parents he went berzerk killing the necromancer who was teaching him. He had already knew the basic of necromancy at this time and would no longer need the dead teacher's assistance anymore.

Skipping a few years, Richard was now succesful and even more then his deceased father. His profit seems to only expand and never go down. This caused him to expand his business into other sector notably Silk and Crops. Now bored in life he sought to use his skills in sword and magic to entertain himself. Hiring a blacksmith to make an armor of execptional details for his entertainment. His alias The Dark Knight would soon become infamous accross the land for being a cruel hearthless killer.

He has notable housings across the land of Mirelica, the ones currently known by the public are his Mansion situated close to the Town Square where the Merchant Guild is located.  Another one right infront of the many types of plantation to watch over his workers and a house in the forest for when he needs some peace and quiet from the outside world. Most of his wealth is centered around the raw material he produced and many rare collectable situated in his Town Mansion.


Polite and loved by his workers, he is sometimes a womanizer yet has never truely loved a woman to fully commit to one.  He truely acts as a gentleman around anyone.


Basic Necromancy (Shadowmancy)Edit

Shadow Shade

Requirment Level 5
Active Time Untill stopped
Casting time if learned by yourself 2 Posts
Casting time if learned at the Mage's Empire 1 Post
Description The caster is able to manipulate his/her shadow to decieve other people.

Shadow Area

Requirment Shadow Shade, level 10
Active Time Untill stopped
If you are a student in the Mage's Empire. 6 Posts
If you are a student in the Mage's Empire. 3 Post
Description The caster casts a dark aura around him/herself and everyone else in a radius of 5 meters around him. Users about the casters level can see through this.

Bhake's ShadowmancyEdit

Bhake's Nightmare

Requirment Bhake's Nightmare Stone Tablet
Active Time Untill stopped
Casting Time 7 turns
Description The caster focuses on his worst emotions and concentrates 20% of his mana in his hand. After considering everything that makes the user upset he manages to trap everything in a 30 ft radius into Bhake's Nightmare Realm. This is a cage that turns everything into a negative image and has shadow demons watching his opponents. The shadow demons are not capable of dealing damage but are there to scare the opponents. If one were to attack or be attacked it would vanish and create even more. All Necromancy spells are doubled inside this radius, not just the caster's spells. All other pools are 10% weaker.
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