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The World of Mirelica.

History tells that Mirelica used to be covered in ice and snow. This world was inhabitet by  creatures that have adapted to the extreme cold  weather. The ledgend says that the gods decided to make this world liveable again by deforsting most of the realm.  Soon after it started to bloom the world got inhabited by humans, created by the gods. Now a days some people believe that they are just there for the gods amusement and others believe that they were placed on this world to be given a second chance. People started to create city's, towns, village's, temples and so on. The ledgend says that the gods gave the world the name Mirelica after the word Miracle. The miracle of how people learn to live and change. They saw how every race grew stronger. Humans with their ability of evolving and adapting. The elves increasing their knowledge. The drawves gaining their ability in engineering. The mermaids roaming over the great sea's. Troll's gaining and controlling their strenght.Welcome to the Mirelica Wiki

And so on.

They loved how every raced developed and started using their ability's to help eachother out in growing even further and gaining more in life.

Sadly some people went the wrong way with their gift of life. They started to mess with nature. Bringing the death back to life. Living a life of corruption. Doing harm to people. This angered the gods. But as soon as the gods were about to step in an evil force prohibited them to step foot on Mirelica. Who this force is, is unknown. The gods found a way to surpass this limit so they placed a demi-god on Mirelica to look over the people and tries to get this curse lifted so that the gods can enter Mirelica again. No one knows who this demi-god. Rumors have been going around that they would have seen this demi-god, but nothing about this demi-god is clear yet.

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