Player: Jordie
SEX: Male
Age: Unknown
Race: Lich
Level: ???
Eye Color: Blue/Red
Hair: Long Blonde
Skin Tone: Pale
Height: 6'3
Weight: 210 lbs

Diamond 00

Gold 00

Silver 00

Bronze 00

Main Focus:
Helmet Slot
Armor Slot
Gauntlet Slot
Boot Slot
Weapon Slot
Off Hand Slot
Necklace Slot
Earring Slot
Earring Slot
Ring Slot
Ring Slot
Magic Skills: All


Bhake Blackrain, not from this world. A Lich with no boundaries who grew up in the world of Mirelica. His story goes as followed.

Bhake was a small boy as he grew up born and raised by the royal family of Empiria 967996 years ago. He was being taught the ways of the arcane. Bhake was a loyal student until the Empire was attacked by a horde of Necromancers. Bhake was kidnapped and started to study the ways of necromancy himself. Bhake was extremly talented and soon gained alot of power. Due to his power Bhake became crazy and started to attack people of his own troop. Until one day Bhake encountered a Lich himself. The Lich found Bhake interesting and wanted to learn some of his spells that even the lich himself had never heard of. Bhake agreed if the Lich would show him his phlyactry. The Lich made the biggest mistake ever as he did so. Bhake found a way to take the phylactry, destroy it and rebuild it into his own. Bhake was now a Lich at the age of 18 which means he remains in his young body until something destroys it. What has never happened. Bhake traveled and settled in Fort Rema which he now owns. He build an army and expended it far into the underground as he continues his studies there.

Demi-Lich Due to Bhake's many generations of studies and all the souls he has collected Bhake turned into a Demi-Lich, the most powerful being 'alive'. It can be compared with a god. As soon as Bhake turned into a Demi Lich his phlyactry gained in numbers. They are now scattered all over Icarnia and one is on his staff.

Not much later, everything was taken from him, his family, his sister, his world. Bhake managed to slay the gods of Icarnia and moved to Mirelica. His purpose remains unknown.


A chaotic Lich with extreme mood swings and an unstable temper.


Non needed.

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